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I’ve been up to my ears in digital audio for more than 25 years now. I was lucky enough to have secondary school music teachers who let me do my GCSE focusing on composition using a computer. Whilst that seems nothing special now, it was unusual in 1992. Whether or not you think that OctaMED on the Amiga 1200 qualifies as a DAW, you didn’t get much out of a tracker if you didn’t understand the nuances of PCM samples, looping by hand and the relationships between pitch and frequency.

All of my jobs have involved creating things from software to companies to music and this studio. Recently I helped found and spent many years working for a company called iiPAY. I’m now moving onto spend more of my time on audio research with This studio and Ursa DSP.

I play piano.

Animal Dance.

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Building a music studio from scratch – mostly because I can