Studio Design

I started this blog to document my attempt to build a music studio from nothing.

I think it’s fair to say that “we learn more from mistakes than success” can be considered an axiom. What is often missed is that it is especially helpful if those mistakes were made by other people on other projects.

It is my intent to be brutally honest about what I do – I want this to be a log of what works and what doesn’t in the hope that other people will return the favour and perhaps even tell me when I’m getting things wrong.

Please note that the studio is now well and truly up and running, and that these posts are lagging way behind. I’m having far too much fun actually using the studio right now, but I may finish this log one day as I’ve got all the photos…

About the studio:

The studio is:

  • Built in Gloucestershire, UK
  • A single combined recording and control room.
  • Enclosing a space of <30 square metres
  • ‘Standard construction’ i.e. 1 skins of concrete block and 1 of thermalite block with a cavity on a concrete footing.
  • Flat roofed
  • Not square (for reasons of space available and also because I’m curious what that will do to the acoustics).
Early plans
Early plan dimensions (after footing pour)
Early plans with contents
Early plans with contents






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Building a music studio from scratch – mostly because I can